Trump's chief adviser reportedly made these incredibly racist comments about voting

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The President-elect's newly-minted, Satan-praising chief White House adviser, Steve Bannon, once sighed longingly about the chance to strip unworthy black citizens of the right to vote in a conversation with a colleague, the New York Times reported on Monday.

In the paper's deep dive into Bannon's personal and professional history, Julia Jones, who co-wrote a fawning 2004 Ronald Reagan biopic with the former top gun, said Bannon spoke about the genetic superiority of some people and once waxed poetic about limiting the right to vote to citizens who own property.


“I said, ‘That would exclude a lot of African-Americans,’” Jones told the newspaper. “He said, ‘Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.’ I said, ‘But what about Wendy?’” referring to Mr. Bannon’s executive assistant. “He said, ‘She’s different. She’s family.’”

Despite Bannon's Civil War-era notions of voting rights, one of his former black colleagues during his time at Goldman Sachs told the Times that he doesn't recognize the Bannon who helped get Donald Trump elected.


He also soundly rejected the idea that Bannon believes the dog-whistle racism he championed on Breitbart and during the campaign.

“Hell, no, he’s not a white nationalist,” that friend told the Times.

Ah, sure. But if it walks like a white nationalist, talks like a white nationalist, and, um, runs a site that looks awfully white nationalist, then it just might be a white nationalist.