Trump's Closest Friends and Confidants Desperately Want Him to Stop Tweeting

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In the last week alone, Donald Trump has used his personal Twitter account to alienate world leaders, influence foreign policy, and shoot his administration’s legal defense of one of his biggest initiatives in the foot.

Now, those closest to President Trump are begging him to lay off the posting.

“The tweeting makes everybody crazy,” Tom Barrack, chairman of Colony Northstar and a close personal friend of the president, said Tuesday at a Bloomberg conference in New York. “There’s just no gain in doing it.”


That public plea comes after George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway who was considered a frontrunner for a top Justice Department post, admonished Trump for tweeting messages Conway said would undermine the administration’s appeal to the Supreme Court.

Bloomberg also reported:

Across the administration, a sense of mayhem prevails as Trump’s staff find themselves unable to plan and are constantly playing defense because of uncertainty over what the president may next say on Twitter or elsewhere, with his positions constantly shifting, one former administration official said. One Washington consultant whose clients work closely with the administration said the tweets feed into a sense that the White House is losing its way.

Unsurprisingly, Republican provocateur Roger Stone has reportedly encouraged Trump to just tweet through it, according to the site.


  • The New York Times reports that after Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation into Michael Flynn, Comey told Attorney General Jeff Sessions he didn’t want to be left alone with the president again. This story will never stop being hilarious to me.
  • An activist unearthed a portion of Hillary Clinton’s 1996 book where she talked about how compassionately she treated the inmates who served as involuntarily servants—also known as slaves—on the grounds of the Arkansas governor’s mansion. A huge missed oppo opportunity for the Sanders campaign, if you ask me!


  • Comey is testifying tomorrow!
  • The UK general election is tomorrow!
  • Tomorrow is only two days from the weekend!

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