Trump's CPAC Speech Proves He's Going to Trap Us in 2016 Until the End of Time

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Donald Trump returned to the stage at this year’s Conservative Political Action conference to give a nearly 90-minute rant that made painfully clear to everyone that the horrors of the 2016 presidential election will never, ever end.

There were rants against “horrendous” immigrants. There were chants of “lock her up” and, of course, “build the wall.” There was obedient lip service to the gun lobby.

He even read “The Snake,” the poem he trotted out for his most racist campaign moments.


Then, as if to make abundantly clear that the only thing which will free us is the sweet release of death, Trump left the stage to his campaign anthem, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”


We are in hell! Watch the full speech below, if you must.