Trump's Fool-Proof New Defense: Whatever I Didn't Do With Russia Isn't Illegal Anyway

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On the heels of Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Guiliani, seeming to change the basis of his client’s entire defense, the president has decided that uh, sure, that sounds good enough to tweet.

Got that? Collusion is NOT illegal, according to this great legal mind, but that doesn’t matter anyway, because Trump did “No Collusion.”


That message—which came amid a spattering of Trump tweets Tuesday morning—came after Giuliani said yesterday on Fox and Friends that, try as he might, he just can’t figure out how colluding with foreign forces to swing an election could be a criminal act.

Those words sparked a day-long freakout about the former New York City mayor “moving the goalposts,” a sports metaphor meaning that as this thing continues to play out on cable news, Trump’s legal team is effectively watering down their previous denials to eventually change the standard of what counts as wrongdoing. That’s not likely to impact Robert Mueller’s investigation, but it will likely go a long way toward further shifting the public’s read on Russiagate. A new CBS News poll found that 91% of Trump supporters trust the president for accurate information, while just 11% trust the mainstream media. In that realm, the damage is already done.

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