Trump's Justice Department Reportedly Launches New Probe Into Clinton Foundation

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The FBI has launched a brand spankin’ new investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to reports from The Hill on Thursday. And I know what you’re thinking, “Emails, again?” But according to law enforcement officials and a witness, the Justice Department is changing it up this time with an inquiry into whether or not the Clinton Foundation engaged in pay-to-play politics or any other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of States.

The anonymous official who spoke to The Hill said the probe will look into whether Clintons promised or performed political favors for those who donated to their foundation, whether any tax exempt assets of the Clinton Foundation were converted for personal or private use, and whether the Foundation complied with tax laws. The FBI in Little Rock, AK, where the Foundation started, is leading the investigation and has spoken to at least one witness in the past month.

President Trump has been tweeting about the conflict of interests and “pay-to-play” politics of the Clinton Foundation since before the election and the Foundation has often received scrutiny from the press and other politicians; the Clintons have always denied anything unethical happening under the banner of the Clinton Foundation. The organization has stated that contributions to the foundation have never resulted in political or policy favors.


Some Democrats believe the renewed fervor of the Justice Department over anything Hillary Clinton related — emails! foundations! Huma Abedin! — is an attempt to steer attention away from the investigation of possible collusion between President Trump’s election campaign and Russia.

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