Trump's Keeping His Stupid Border Stunt Going Through the New Year

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Most of the troops sent to the U.S.-Mexico border by Donald Trump last month will be spending Christmas and New Year’s in the desert.

That’s because rather than returning home for the holidays, the Department of Defense on Tuesday signed an order keeping approximately 4,000 of the initial 5,600 active duty troops sent as part of the president’s obvious midterm election campaign stunt at the border through the new year.


Eagle-eyed readers, fear not: the Pentagon quickly corrected the record, and confirmed that troops would be at the border until Jan. 31, 2019, and not, as was previously ordered, for the next century.

So congratulations, The Troops. Not only have you been used by a commander in chief who had no compunction making you do nonsense grunt work just so he could brag about looking tough in the face of migrants and refugee, but now you’re stuck there in the desert away from your own friends and families, wondering what the hell you’re supposed to be doing in the first place, for at least two more months.