President Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, is a troll. On Thursday, ProPublica obtained a series of emails Kasowitz sent a stranger in response to their urging that he resign as Trump’s lawyer.

Some back story. ProPublica published an article detailing Kasowtiz’s lack of security clearance — despite the fact that Kasowitz is supposed to represent Trump in the investigation that his campaign may have colluded with Russia. ProPublica noted that Kasowitz might have difficulty representing his client without security clearance.

ProPublica’s report explained:

Several lawyers who have represented presidents and senior government officials said they could not imagine handling a case so suffused with sensitive material without a clearance.

“No question in my mind — in order to represent President Trump in this matter you would have to get a very high level of clearance because of the allegations involving Russia,” said Robert Bennett, who served as President Bill Clinton’s personal lawyer. Like many Washington lawyers, Bennett has held security clearances throughout his career.


Kasowitz probably wouldn’t get security clearance if he tried, which he hasn’t, because of his battle with alcoholism. ProPublica interviewed several of Kasowitz’s associates and colleagues who said the lawyer had “struggled intermittently with alcohol abuse.” Kasowitz also spent time in rehab for alcohol abuse between 2014 and 2015.

According to ProPublica’s investigation, “recent episodes” of alcohol abuse are a “major barrier” to obtaining security clearance.

After ProPublica’s story was published, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow mentioned the story on her show Wednesday night. A viewer decided to reach out to Kasowitz encouraging him to step down as Trump’s counsel. The lawyer had some choice words for the anonymous sender. By choice words, I mean, “watch your back bitch.”


Here’s the entire email chain, as obtained by ProPublica:

And Kasowitz’s response:


But Kasowitz wasn’t done:

After the anonymous emailer responded to Kasowitz “politely,” the lawyer responded, again:


And last, but in no way least, Kasowitz replied again:

Kasowitz, apparently embarrassed that the emails were published, released an apology through his spokesperson:


At least Kasowitz has the self-awareness to admit it’s “no excuse” to harass someone, even after a “very long day.”