Trump's Lawyers Now Need Their Own Lawyers

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While Donald Trump likes to brag about his administration’s (dubious) track record on employment, there’s actually one industry that has undeniably benefitted from this White House: Extremely high powered lawyers.


On Thursday, NBC’s Katy Tur reported that Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen had himself retained the counsel of Stephen Ryan—head of the legal firm McDermott, Will & Emery’s Government Strategies Practice. Ryan previously helped bust up the mob as Deputy Counsel for President Ronald Reagan’s Commission on Organized Crime.

While Ryan’s specific portfolio remains to be seen, presumably he was hired by Cohen to address the widening investigation by former FBI director Robert Mueller into Russian influence during the 2016 election. If that is the case, Ryan is a particularly interesting choice, having once called Mueller “the best choice that could have been made” to lead the case.


In addition to Cohen, Trump has also searched for legal advice outside his small cabal of trusted advisers. In May, the president hired Marc Kasowitz, a corporate lawyer from New York, to serve as his lead counsel for the ongoing Russia investigation.

Kasowitz, meanwhile, has yet to hire his own lawyer. But the way things are going it’s safe to say that “white collar criminal defense attorney” is a growth industry.

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