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In his pick to lead the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, President-elect Donald Trump found a candidate whose credentials run counter to all the everyman, Wall Street-bashing rhetoric he used on the campaign trail.

Mnuchin worked for the Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs for nearly two decades, and used the 2008 housing market crash as a major payday, just like our next president.


According to reporting published Thursday by Politico, OneWest, the bank that Mnuchin and his partners founded during the collapse, actually tried to kick a 90-year-old woman out of her house over a measly $0.27.

After some confusion about her insurance coverage two years back, a subsidiary of OneWest sent¬†Ossie Lofton, of Lakeland,¬†Florida, a bill for¬†$423.30. Lofton sent the bank a check for $423, and got another bill for the remaining $0.30. The woman‚Äďwho, it's worth emphasizing again here, is 90 years old‚Äďmailed in a check for $0.03.

The mix-up was enough to trigger foreclosure proceedings. Lawyers at the non-profit Florida Rural Legal Services asked the court for a jury trial.

It's also worth emphasizing that as OneWest twisted an elderly woman's arm over three pennies, Mnuchin cashed in bigly, taking home a reported $11 million paycheck after a pulling off a $3.4 billion merger last year with CIT Bank.


How's that for draining the swamp?