Trump's Syria Decision Is Tearing the Fox & Friends Crew Apart

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You know things are bad when not even Fox & Friends can agree on President Donald Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

On Thursday morning, Brian Kilmeade took the wheel at the morning show and criticized the president’s move to bring troops home, calling it a “stunning and irresponsible” move.


As Ed Henry attempted to rationalize Trump’s decision, arguing that the president promised during his campaign to pull out of Syria, Kilmeade slammed the move, saying, “Nobody thinks ISIS is defeated.”

“Nobody who understands, who was born after 2000, who sees what’s happened after 9/11, understands,” Kilmeade said.

Despite the numerous times his co-hosts tried to steer Kilmeade back to supporting Trump, the Fox & Friends host doubled down, asking what the U.S. leaving Syria would signal to our allies.

“What happened last time when President Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq, what happened? We had to fight our way back in and reestablish,” Kilmeade went on. “[Trump] is doing exactly if not worse than President Obama did. This is worse than blurring the red line.”


In a tweet this morning, Trump appeared to respond to Kilmeade and other critics, saying it was always his plan to pull troops out of Syria:


But Trump, worse than Obama? On Fox & Friends? Troubled waters ahead.