Trump's Visit to California Is Shrouded in Unprecedented Secrecy

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President Donald Trump is in Southern California today, but if you live in the region, don’t expect to hear anything about how his trip will affect your daily travel. The details are so secret that even local police don’t know them.

Trump began his trip at the U.S.-Mexico border, where he reviewed border wall prototypes. He is then scheduled to land at LAX at 3:30 pm local time, just before rush hour. He’s expected to then go to the Beverly Hills area for a Republican National Committee fundraiser—where nobody notable is expected to show up. 

But the LAPD reportedly doesn’t even know if the president plans on traveling via motorcade or helicopter once he lands in town, according to The Los Angeles Times. Nor do they have any other details.


“[The Secret Service] is not going to give us any information at all,” a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told Splinter on Tuesday morning, just hours ahead of when President Trump is expected to land at the Los Angeles International Airport.

In previous years the police department was able to announce street closures well in advance of presidential visits. Trump, though, is different.

“Usually we do get something from Secret Service, but this particular administration never gave us any traffic advisory information,” the spokesperson told Splinter.

A California Highway Patrol spokesperson said they had no information either and directed inquiries to the LAPD.


“Unfortunately out of an abundance of caution many details about this visit are being withheld for security reasons,” the LAPD spokesperson told Splinter.

Those “security reasons” could include the fact that there are continual protests planned for Trump’s visit. The secrecy behind the president’s itinerary has left activists guessing where to plan those protests. Organizers hope enough people show up so they can send a message even if the president is miles away.


“We know that if we show up in large numbers Trump will be able to feel the heat wherever he may be” Crissel Rodriguez, an organizer with the California Youth Justice Alliance, who helped organize a “Trump Out Of LA” protest, told Splinter. Rodriguez is a recipient of DACA, the Obama-era program that the Trump administration rescinded. 


Still, there are some signs. Tenants at Wilshire Grand Center, the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, have been warned that a “VIP/high security visitor” may be staying at the InterContinental hotel on the property. Street closures in the area have also led to rumors the president will be spending the night in Downtown LA.


UPDATE, 4:35pm

A Beverly Hills Police Department spokesperson told Splinter “there’s no presidential visit in the city of Beverly Hills.”

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