Trump's Wall Made Sean Spicer Lose His Mind Today

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Despite coming prepared with visual aids to help make his case, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spent a good chunk of his Wednesday afternoon press conference going slowly insane when forced to explain different types of walls.


Answering a question from Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering, Spicer at first seemed grateful for the opportunity to share a series of photographs depicting different portions of the existing barrier between the United States and Mexico—all of which, Spicer insisted, were broken or deficient. Why was he doing this? Does he just love walls this much? Whatever.

But when Spiering pushed Spicer on whether the pictures were of a wall, or simply fencing, Spicer appeared to snap. And it says something when someone from Breitbart, of all places, can make a Trump administration staffer this agitated.

“That is called a bollard wall, that is called a levee wall,” Spicer explained, pointing to different structures featured in his slides.

When Spiering pushed again, Spicer grew even more hostile.

That is called a levee wall on the left,” Spicer repeated, visibly annoyed. “That is called a bollard wall.” Yes, this all really happened. Who knew walls could be so infuriating?

President Trump’s promise to build a “big beautiful wall” along the United States’ southern border has become a centerpiece of his administration’s draconian efforts to restrict immigration—and, despite the president’s insistence that the wall will be exactly that, Department of Homeland Security chief John Kelly told lawmakers that it will likely be a combination of physical barriers, electronic surveillance techniques, and increased border patrols.

Meanwhile, Spicer should just feel proud for knowing all the different types of walls. Good job, Sean!

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