Tucker Carlson: Actually, Bump Stocks on Guns Save Lives

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Most people would likely agree that the “bump stock” device used by the Las Vegas shooter to modify his semi-automatic weapon into a de facto automatic one is one of the reasons he was able to kill so many people with so many bullets in such a short period of time. But Fox News host Tucker Carlson isn’t one of them.


On Thursday night, Carlson insisted that the assault rifle-add on which helped Stephen Paddock murder at least 58 people, and send more than 500 to the hospital was a very GOOD thing, because it, uh...saved lives?

“Many more would’ve died actually [if Paddock hadn’t used a bump stock],” Carlson insisted to gun control activist Avery Gardiner. “Because if you talk to people who know a lot about guns they say pros don’t even fire on fully automatic because they can’t hit anything.”

Huh, that must be why literally every military on earth just hates automatic weapons, right? Let’s remember that even the NRA is distancing itself from bump stocks. So Tucker Carlson has found a position to the right of the NRA.

“I’m not defending bump stocks,” Carlson later added. (He totally was.) “I’m just saying, let’s be real.”

Yeah, let’s be real people! One of the worst mass shootings in modern American history wasn’t all that bad, because the very device that made it so bad is actually extremely good.

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