Tucker Carlson Doesn't Care

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

As you probably know, Tucker Carlson has been caught on tape saying all manner of horrendous things about just about every group imaginable. Most people would feel some sense of shame about this, but not our Tucker.


Here he is on his Monday night show, pretending like this is about a “mob” coming after him and not about, to pick just one of so very many examples, his comments that Iraqis are “semiliterate primitive monkeys.”

That’s right, Carlson is dressing up his flagrantly repellant comments as just another part of the conservative fight to be heard in a liberal world—a patriot exercising his right to free speech. I eagerly wait for him and his far-right brethren to apply that standard with consistency and across the political spectrum.

Note, too, the other big part of his statement: that Fox News is behind him. The network confirmed that to reporters on Monday night. Not that we needed evidence of the moral sewer we’re dealing with, but here’s some more.

Deputy Editor, Splinter