Tucker Carlson Soundly Losing an Argument Is Fun to Watch

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In a remarkable twist of fate, thumb-shaped white supremacist icon Tucker Carlson found himself awkwardly trying to take the side of environmentalists on Wednesday evening. It did not go well.

During a segment entitled “Climate Change Hypocrisy: Liberal Elites Refuse to Lead by Example,” Carlson breathlessly tried to argue that because Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders paid a private jet company around $300,000 during his 2018 re-election campaign, he was clearly a lying industrialist polluter whose eco-friendly political platform must therefor be an obvious sham. Right? Right?

To “prove” his “point,” Carlson invited DSA member and former Sanders spokesperson Nomiki Konst onto his show. During the segment, Konst—who is currently running for New York Public Advocate—attempted to make the extremely reasonable point that fighting climate change is not so much a question of how a single person does or doesn’t act as a systemic problem that will require systemic solutions.

“Individual choices are not going to solve the disaster that we are facing,” Konst explained, adding later that “If we don’t cap emissions with big industries and policy, then those individual choices mean nothing.”


Carlson, rugged individualist that he is, pushed back, and the two argued back and forth with Konst finally laying out in very clear terms that the progressive “green new deal” being advocated for by politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would begin to force companies to comply with environmental standards that would benefit working people.

“Volume is not an argument,” Carlson interrupted, apparently wholly unaware that Konst was actually, y’know, making a pretty solid argument.


“You don’t like opinionated women, do you?” Konst shot back, to which Carlson made this face:


“I live with four of them,” Carlson finally mugged, as if that somehow makes his being an extreme dick to people more acceptable.

Anyway, it’s always fun to see people come on Tucker Carlson’s very bad show, and put this very bad man in his rightly deserved place.