Tucker Carlson Tries to Take Down The View and Fails Miserably

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Tucker Carlson has made many, many, many, many bad calls in his sorry career, but the one he made on his Thursday night show gave me a special thrill, because it concerns iconic, Splinter-endorsed morning televisual program The View, which Carlson tried, and completely failed, to wrong-foot.

Carlson was OUTRAGED and INCENSED at The View’s Sunny Hostin after Hostin said on Wednesday that, legally, a woman’s word was sufficient to convict someone of sexual assault. What Hostin meant was that the law does not require additional corroborating evidence for a case—just like tons of other crimes. For Carlson, though, this was evidence that The View, as a program, does not believe in “due process.” The horror! The utter dystopian madness of it all!

To bolster his point, Carlson brought on Harvard zombie lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

“You just heard a very specific legal claim that it is now the law in the United States that, and I’m quoting, ‘a woman’s word is enough.’ That’s it. Is that true?” Carlson asked in a leading fashion. Surely this could not be true, right?


Unfortunately, Dershowitz promptly told him that Hostin was absolutely correct.

“Technically it is true. The law was changed some years ago, and I think it was a good change, that you don’t need corroboration to make a case,” he said.

Whoops! Dershowitz hastened to add that women “lie” sometimes, which left Carlson sounding a lot more comfortable. But still, let this be a lesson: Don’t come for The View!