Tucker Carlson Was Extremely On One Last Night

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Tucker Carlson, one of Fox News’ chief bigots and hysterical shrieking thumb was in prime form on Monday evening.


Commenting on Sunday’s “Unite the Right II” rally, Carlson—who regularly flirts with overt racism on his eponymous news show (and I use that term loosely)—insisted that “white supremacy is not ubiquitous in America.”

“It’s not a crisis. It’s not even a meaningful category,” Carlson continued, adding: “It is incredibly rare.”


He kept going:

You could easily live your entire life in this country without meeting a single person who believes anything like that. Most of us have lived lives like that, I have. In fact, this is a generous, tolerant country, it always has been that.

“Always,” Tucker?

In any case, after unilaterally declaring America to be racism-free, Carlson went on to denounce public universities as “clearly literally destroying the country and a generation of promising young people” during a segment on newly appointed New York Times writer Sarah Jeong, whose benign jokes about white people caused a tempest in a teapot among right-wing reactionaries itching for something to be aggrieved about.


“People basically send their kids off to school and have trust that these are the colleges that they remember from growing up. They are not. They are hatred machines,” guest Heather Mac Donald said, adding later: “We are toying with real civil war I think, at this point.”

“Exactly,” Carlson agreed. “And we’re funding it, and we should stop, ‘cause it’s cancer.”


So, to recap: America is not nor has it ever been racist, but colleges are civil war-causing hate machines. Got it. Thanks, Tucker.

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