Tucker Carlson's Anti-Women Rants Are Getting More and More Hysterical

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson pointed his sights at a new target on his dart board of plagues tearing apart America’s moral fabric on Wednesday night, blaming many of our ills on....women who make more money than men.


In his galaxy-brained monologue, Carlson said that women making more money than men—a would-be “victory for feminism”—is a huge problem because women supposedly don’t want to marry men who make less money than them. Then comes fewer marriages, more babies born to single mothers, more drugs, and more people in jail. You know, the whole cocktail of reasons for why gender equality is death to America. You might think that it’s not an entire gender’s fault that they no longer have to rely on men who substitute having money for having a personality, but you would be wrong!

Carlson wasn’t finished, though. He ranted for a while, then veered to a diatribe about...kids smoking weed? Emphasis mine:

If you really loved your fellow Americans, as our leaders should, it would break your heart to see them high all the time, which they are. A huge number of our kids, especially our boys, are smoking weed constantly. You may not realize that because new technology has made it all but odorless, but it’s everywhere, and that’s not an accident. Once our leaders understood they could get rich from marijuana, marijuana because ubiquitous...Try having dinner with a 19 year old who’s been smoking weed. The life is gone, passive, flat, trapped in their own heads. Do you want that for your kids? Of course not.

Really makes ya think, huh.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan