Tucker Carlson's Latest Conspiracy Theory Is So Bonkers It's Almost Impressive

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Tucker Carlson has been having a rough week, after video showing him throwing a huge hissy fit at historian Rutger Bregman surfaced and immediately became the internet’s entree of the day. It’s great television, and I highly recommend you check it out.


But the racist show must go on. And so on Wednesday night Tucker was doing what he does best: Take a good thing (in this case: childcare) and make it sound bad, and then blame it on a shadowy conspiracy to scare racist white people.

After pointing out that crushing economic hardship is, in fact, causing fewer people to have fewer children, Carlson got to what I suppose is the ostensible point (if you can call it that) of his segment:

Elizabeth Warren argues that the American dream is not raising your own children. The American dream is outsourcing their upbringing to government caretakers, while their parents scurry back to work as good little servants of globalized market capitalism.

Raising the fear of the government taking your kids? Check. Insinuating the nefarious forces of “globalized market capitalism” are behind it all? Check.

Tucker continued (emphasis mine):

The need for more government daycare specialists will no doubt be used to justify more immigration. And so the cycle, as you can see, is complete. The Democratic party started by outsourcing manufacturing, you remember that. Then they outsourced farm labor and yard work. And now they decided to outsource parenting. Raising your own kids, Elizabeth Warren is telling us, is a job Americans just won’t do.

Hear that, Fox News viewers? If you let Elizabeth Warren personally come yank your children from your arms, and place them in government reeducation centers, then brown people will come streaming over the border and replace you all!

I would say that Tucker’s mask is slipping, but honestly, is anyone even surprised by this anymore?