Tucker Carlson's Racist Dog Whistle of the Night is White 'Genocide'

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Tucker Carlson is no stranger to white nationalist talking points, and tonight he didn’t disappoint. The Fox anchor hosts America’s third-largest cable news show, and on Monday night he used that platform to alert his audiences to the dangers of liberals who support white genocide.

Carlson did this by deftly connecting an op-ed by political commentator Matthew Dowd with a completely unrelated tweet by Georgetown Professor Christine Fair.

Here’s the clip:


Breezing through it like that, you can almost miss the fact that Dowd and Fair’s comments have nothing to do with each other except that they both refer to white men or privilege in some way.

Here’s the thesis of Dowd’s op-ed at ABC:

Yes, the halls of power have slowly let in some people of color, women, people of a different faith, and people of a different sexual persuasion. But white male Christians still dominate the rooms where most decisions are made.

This must change in a much more dramatic way.

Instead of waiting for the diverse population of America to keep pushing and prodding, I would humbly suggest that we as white male Christians take it upon ourselves to step back and give more people who don’t look like us access to the levers of power.

Fair’s tweet was an incensed reaction to Lindsey Graham’s meltdown during the Kavanaugh hearing last week, context that Carlson omitted from his broadcast.


Carlson used these two unrelated points as evidence for a creeping liberal disposition toward eradicating white men, or “white genocide,” a popular neo-Nazi and white nationalist conspiracy theory that suggests, in short, that white people are dying out or oppressed due to immigration and political correctness. It picked up a huge amount of steam earlier this summer, when Trump himself tweeted about the plight of white farmers in South Africa, which is a core part of most white genocide conspiracy theories.

Per the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The president’s statement is troubling because it signifies the mainstreaming of white nationalist narratives about “white genocide,” of which South Africa’s farm murders are an essential component.


Carlson has frequently followed white nationalist talking points in his show before, delivering openly-racist screeds against immigrants on a regular basis. Also, in the same show Monday night, Carlson concluded that the Democratic opposition to Brett Kavanaugh was primarily about “punishing white people.

Kavanaugh is currently under investigation by the FBI after multiple allegations of sexual assault.