Tucker Carlson's Trying to Start Shit With The View

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says some extremely racist things on his show. So racist, in fact, that he’s become something of a figurehead for actual Nazis across the United States. Nevertheless, Carlson attempted on Tuesday to pin the rising tide of white nationalism on daytime television, specifically ABC’s The View.


Speaking with Collective PAC executive director Quentin James, Carlson pushed back on James’ (well documented) assertion that white domestic terrorists “like Dylan Roof are getting more radicalized right now under our president.”

“I wonder why,” Carlson mused, “when you have The View being like: ‘Even if you’re really poor we hate you because of your skin color.’”

To be clear, The View is a wild show, largely worth watching to see co-host Meghan McCain say incredibly stupid things, only to be smacked directly down by, well, pretty much everyone else. At best, The View hits with the collective political force of a wiffle ball bat against a bag of marshmallows. It inspires great blogs, not Nazis.

Still, Tucker remained dead set on pinning racism on Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Abby, and Meghan.

“You don’t think that radicalizes people?” Carlson continued. “Maybe a little bit? I mean honestly?”


Honestly, Tucker? Shut the fuck up.

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