Tucker Carson's Racist Gobshite of the Night Is That Liberals Are the Same as Rwanda's Hutu

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Tucker Carlson is back with another dire warning that all liberals want is white genocide, this time in the form of a comparison to the Hutu majority government that slaughtered up to a million people in Rwanda in 1994.

Carlson made this comparison because of something Democratic donor Tom Steyer said on MSNBC this morning. Here’s what Steyer said, regarding Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“A group of very rich, very entitled white men wanted to tell the rest of the country, ‘We are going to have our way. And if you don’t like it, that’s too darned bad,’” Steyer told MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson. “So as far as I’m concerned, the only thing every else can do, the rest of America is go to the polls on November 6, and tell those rich entitled white men that we exist, and democracy exists.”


This shit is right in Carlson’s wheelhouse. Noted liberal saying that white men are bad? Hell yeah, we’re off to the culture wars, baby. And he got even more out of it because Steyer made the unforced error of not realizing that he was also an insanely rich entitled white man, which is why the left probably shouldn’t have people like Tom Steyer representing it in public.

Here’s how Tucker framed it, dropping in the Hutu reference that really took things to the next level. Transcript per Media Matters For America:

What’s actually happening, says Tom Steyer, is that Kavanaugh was installed by a specific racial group in order to hurt and disempower ever other racial group in America. This is tribal warfare posing as democracy and your tribe is losing. That’s what Tom Steyer is telling you. Now as a factual matter this is insane. It’s the kind of lunacy that would have gotten you booted off a cable channel five years ago. It’s also a lie and it’s dangerous. It’s exactly the kind of things that Hutu leaders in Rwanda were saying in the early 1990s. Responsible people do not talk like this. And yet suddenly it is everywhere on the left. And not just the professional wackos pounding on the front door of Supreme Court. The line between dangerous extremist and U.S. senator are blurring on the left.

WHEW. There’s a whole lot wrong with this, the first and most obvious being that if we’re really drawing Rwandan genocide parallels, the Hutus were the party in power at the time of the genocide, and the Republicans currently control all three branches of government. All of that is incredibly bunk, however, because the Rwandan genocide has much more to do with a legacy of colonialism that pitted both tribes against each other for centuries. But that’s a largely unrelated historical digression that we don’t really need, because this isn’t Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Carlson’s been really into African post-colonial struggles for a reason recently: he’s using it to shoehorn the specter of “white genocide” into as many segments as possible. (White genocide is a myth that neo-Nazis propagate to get people to hate the Jews, black people, etc.)


I guess his thinking is that if he invokes the thought of black people committing crimes in relation to liberals saying combative things about racial injustice or the patriarchy, his audience will connect the racist dots and conclude that white people are in grave danger in America (they aren’t). It’s pure vitriolic garbage, and Carlson knows it, which is why he’s so good at it, and so utterly terrible for the country.


You can watch the clip a MMFA if you wish, but I don’t recommend it.

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