Turning Point USA Boots Member After Viral 'White Power' Video

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Turning Point USA, the nationwide alt-right campus organization, voluntarily ousted a member of its University of Nevada Las Vegas chapter early Friday morning after a viral video showed several individuals yelling “White Power” and “fuck the niggers.”

It’s Going Down, an anarchist and anti-fascist news organization, discovered the video, which shows a young man whom It’s Going Down identified as Riley Grisar, the president of the UNLV’s TPUSA chapter. In the video, the man flashes the “OK” hand symbol, which has been used as a meme, dog whistle, and racist symbol by various elements of the alt-right, and repeatedly says “white power,” while hugging a young woman who shouts “we’re going to rule the country” and “fuck the niggers.”


TPUSA did not identify the student it removed from the UNLV chapter, but used male pronouns in its announcement:

Grisar is quoted as the chapter president of UNLV’s Turning Point chapter in a Campus Reform article about protesters tearing down his “Build the Wall” banner.


All of this seems remarkably par for the course for the kind of brain geniuses Turning Point usually attracts. A few hours before the video leaked, noted plagiarist and general alt-right grifter Benny Johnson offered up an over four-minute video emphasizing who the real victims in America are.


Grisar’s only crime? Saying white supremacist shit on video. It happens literally every day.