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Turning Point USA, the well-funded conservative student organization, is most famous for three things: launching the career of Charlie Kirk, a man so dumb he included a definition of the moon when referencing it in an article, having racist members, and diapers. It is a cascading waterfall of incompetence, which is often hilarious but sometimes deeply disturbing.

That waterfall continues to flow bounteously in 2019. The Daily Beast reported Tuesday night that an internal TPUSA app, intended for students to coordinate activities at the organization’s big winter conference, instead became a place for “sending rude jokes about Kirk.” The most notable joke: photoshopping pictures of Kirk so that his face is small, while his head remains regular size—making it look very large by comparison. Not getting it? Let me help:


A college student involved in Facegate told the Daily Beast that she was kicked off the app after sharing one of these pictures as “just a meme,” but TPUSA told the site that the app was shut down after it was flooded by anti-Semitic trolls—you know, normal things—and “insisted that no one was banned for posting an edited picture of Kirk’s face.”

The context for this awful behavior is apparently that some TPUSA members aren’t happy with Kirk or the way the organization is run. The Daily Beast reported that “a group of dissatisfied young Trump supporters launched ‘Heal Our Voice,’ a group of Turning Point dissidents critical of Kirk’s handling of the group.”

So much turmoil and strife at this preeminent young conservative group. Just terrible. Keep them, and the conservative movement in general, in your thoughts.


Or, alternatively, if the wee scamps are seeking new ways to roast their leader, I suggest this much fresher meme submitted by Deadspin’s Samer Kalaf:

Image: Samer Kalaf


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