Twisted version of Ice Bucket Challenge nominates others to snort cocaine

Omar Bustamante/FUSION

“Friends, I’m taking the pasesito challenge,” says a young girl before taking a hit of what appears to be cocaine. She then challenges several of her friends to do the same.


A twisted version of the Ice Bucket Challenge has surfaced on the Internet in Mexico, with three videos depicting three different women snorting a white substance that is allegedly cocaine. The videos have sparked a heated debate on Mexican social media, spawning the trending hashtag #retodelpasesito or “the little pass challenge.” In Mexico, darse un pasesito is slang for inhaling blow.

Blurred screenshot of one of the three videos that surfaced on the Internet.

The online reaction has been swift and harsh. People angry over the videos have taken to Twitter and a Facebook community page ranting about the images of the coke-snorting girls. YouTube has taken down what appears to be one of the original videos, citing a violation of its policy on depicting “harmful activities.”


Some Mexican media reports speculate the challenge is becoming a fashionable trend among Mexico’s upper-class youth. Fusion could not confirm the identity of the three young women that appear in the videos or if the challenge is real or a stunt. Some Mexicans have begun uploading spoofs of the videos.

In Mexico, it’s illegal to “carry out acts of publicity or propaganda” inciting others to consume illicit substances.

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