Twitter is having a field day with this grotesque image of a human body designed for car crashes

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

On Thursday, the Daily Mail published a bizarre story about a group of researchers who'd designed the "ideal" human, whom they've named Graham, for surviving a car crash. It included these disturbing renderings.

The story explained why the researchers had designed the body in this way:

Graham's warped features, such as his huge chest and extra nipples which are meant to mimic air bags and protect his rib cage, highlight how vulnerable the human body is in car crashes.

His lack of neck rules out broken bones and whiplash, while his flat, fatty face is designed to protect his nose and ears.

The padded up chest with airbags between each rib protects his heart.

But Twitter had no time for such details, and immediately launched into commentary about what they were beholding.


First: The drags…

(This is a reference to Chick-Fil-A's new breakfast sandwich).

Including British versions…


Meanwhile, this guy took it "personally"…


This individual apparently took the opportunity to admit to alleged personal vices…

Some "complimented" his looks…


While others went political.


Some pointed out other resemblances.


And this guy pointed out the practical implications.


Finally, some users made rude references to quality TV shows.


Hope to see Graham on the road soon.

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