Twitter Is So Bad Today

Get it, it’s a bird, like Twitter.
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Maybe I am just being particularly crabby on this Monday, but every successive tweet I see makes me want to log off and never return!!!

I had to start the morning off by reading a much of dumbass, Very Concerned tweets about Antifa’s response to the white supremacist gatherings which took place over the weekend for the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville:


CNN’s Chris Cillizza, a relentlessly bad tweeter, feels especially awful today (please note that this tweet contains two bad tweets, stacked):


And I desperately do not need to see another reporter point out this irony, which is also a creation of Twitter:


Finally, here’s an honorable mention, in the form of a reply to an earnest tweet:


To cleanse the TL, here’s perhaps the only good tweet I’ve seen all day:


Which terrible tweets did I miss? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter, but definitely do not email me!

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