Two Bad Dudes Make a Podcast

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman are two men who have worked quite hard in their respective fields to make the world a worse place.

Emanuel has done that as a cutthroat politician during the Obama years, a politicker whose signature recruiting achievement was a failure, and, most recently, as the mayor of Chicago, where he helped cover up the police shooting of Laquan McDonald. On the other side of the table we have Friedman, statesman, esteemed columnist, and friend to murderous tyrants. And for some reason, they sat down to have a gentlemanly chat, apparently on the Chicago city government’s podcast:


The full thing is 40 minutes long, if you dare, but it includes such highlights as Friedman talking about how he was in a Walmart JUST the other day, as well as this line: “I believe the faster the world gets the more everything old and slow matters more. It’s all the stuff you can’t download.” Whatever you say, man.

Friedman was visiting Chicago when he recorded the conversation. Missed opportunity to run them both out of town forever, if you ask me.