Two Big Dumbasses Reportedly Want Book Deal

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Donald Trump Jr. and Turning Point USA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk, two of the biggest grifters in politics right now, are reportedly working on a book together.

Page Six reported last week that Trump Jr., whose nickname was allegedly “Diaper Don” in college, was “sniffing around” for a deal to write a whole book and was being repped by top literary agent David Vigliano. Today, the Daily Beast’s Maxwell Tani reports that Donj’s proposed co-author is his “personal friend” Kirk, who leads a group that had an internal civil war over a diaper. Just two diaper boys writing a dang book.

The book, you won’t be surprised to learn, sounds real stupid:

Though the details remain murky, people familiar told The Daily Beast that broadly, the book would focus on Trump’s presidency and the 2016 campaign, and would attempt to lay out the Trump clan’s political ideology.


Not sure that “being a giant dipshit who loves money and attention” exactly counts as political philosophy, but hey, whatever works!

According to the Daily Beast, it’s unclear whether or not the book has gotten a publishing deal yet. But as Tani notes, the ongoing Mueller investigation threw a wrench into Michael Cohen’s now-canceled book proposal. So, here’s to hoping that this giant, smelly turd will never see the light of day.