Two dudes showed up late to the Super Bowl and didn't care because 'we are rich'

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There sure were a lot of rich people flying in for the Super Bowl. According to the San Francisco Chronicleabout 1,200 private jets dropped into the greater Bay Area for the weekend. But no two dudes quite summed up the unapologetic carelessness we all wish for when we think of terrible rich people like these two guys, interviewed by the Chronicle after being possibly the last two people to get to the Super Bowl.

Sam Whiting of the Chronicle reported that Dr. Juergen Pitcher Levine and Jim Gantt, in a story that seems almost too good to be true, faced a series of hardships on their way to making it to the game on time.


First, their private jet got in late. Classic! Then, their Uber driver didn't know where he was going. Who hasn't been there? Finally, Levine and Gantt made their way through the turnstiles in the middle of the first quarter, and then presumably stopped to give an interview to Whiting on top of that.

But why not plan better, to ensure their $14,000 tickets didn't go to waste? Well…

How late were they? So late that security screeners were sitting down and had to muster up energy to search them. So late that they had to weave their way through half-time performers already lining up. So late they missed the first points, scored by their Broncos on a field goal.

It had been a harrowing journey and Dr. Pichler Levine had not yet seen his seat on the 40-yard line, a short pass from the field. But had also not broken a sweat.

“We could give a f—,” he said. “We are rich.”

Goals af.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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