Two mosques were attacked by arsonists over the Christmas holiday

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Christmas is a time to wish for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. Unfortunately, in at least two major U.S. cities, some people used the holiday to try to burn down mosques.

A suspected arson in Texas and a molotov cocktail attack in California were among the attacks on Islamic centers during the holiday weekend.


Local TV station KHOU reported the Houston Fire Department confirmed that a two-alarm, Christmas day fire at the Houston-area Savoy Mosque was set intentionally.


No one was injured in the fire and the exact amount of damage is still unknown. Investigators said they currently have no leads on suspects.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, the Los Angeles Times reports that a Tracy, Calif., mosque was damaged when a molotov cocktail detonated outside the building on Dec. 26.


The Tracy Islamic Center sustained fire damage to a door and side wall, but remained intact. No one was injured.


"We are going to continue to do the prayers at the regular time," mosque trustee Saifi Raniwala told the LA Times. "But we are going to be more vigilant, obviously, for the safety of the physical structure and the people who attend the services."

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has requested California police investigate the attack as a hate crime, and that Houston police look into a possible bias motive in the arson.


Both attacks come as anti-Islamic rhetoric has found a new home as a political platform in the U.S. in the wake of attacks carried out by terrorists in San Bernardino, Calif., and Paris. Donald Trump is certainly the main offender, but he is far from the only one.

These are only the latest two in what has been a string of attacks on Islamic centers in the last few months. Earlier this month, CAIR released statistics claiming 2015 had the highest number of recorded attacks on U.S. mosques on record.


The year's not over yet. Add two more to the list.

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