Two Pigs in the Mud

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Photo: John Locher (AP)

President Donald Trump continued one of his absolute dumbest feuds on Wednesday, lashing out against anti-Trump pundit and senior advisor Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway on Twitter by upgrading him from a “total” loser to one who is “stone cold.”


Also, he’s apparently a “husband from hell,” which sounds like a late-era Pantera song that thankfully never saw the light of day.


Conway, evidently not a fan of Proverbs 26:4, responded in kind with this detailed medical analysis of Trump’s mental condition:

Folks, we’ve got ourselves a real meeting of the minds here.

Kellyanne, meanwhile, has stayed mum on this latest whine-off between her boss and her husband. Presumably because there’s only room for two pigs in this particular mud puddle.

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