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A neo-Nazi politician campaigning against refugees in Germany was saved by two Syrians who gave him first aid after a car crash, Der Spiegel reports.


Stefan Jagsch, 29, is a local leader of Germany's National Democratic Party (NPD), a far right-wing political party, one of the groups pushing anti-refugee sentiment in the country. Over the last year, while Germany has taken in more than 1 million mostly Syrian asylum seekers, there have been several riots and arson attacks targeting refugees across the country. A constitutional court has considered banning the NPD over concerns that they are propagating violence.

On March 16, Jagsch was seriously injured when he swerved off a road outside Frankfurt. Two Syrian refugees who were passing by stopped and dragged him from the wreckage of his car before administering first aid that likely saved his life, according to The Independent.


Jagsch has previously posted anti-refugee messages on his Facebook page saying things like "integration is genocide," the newspaper reports. Following the crash, another local NPD leader Jean Christoph Fiedler told local press that Jagsch's rescuers had committed "apparently a very good, humane act," Middle East Eye reports.

In a Facebook post (in German), Jagsch said he was not conscious at the time of the rescue so could not comment on whether or not his rescuers were refugees:


The two men who pulled him from his car told authorities he was fully conscious throughout the incident, the Guardian reports.

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