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A full two thirds of 25-year-olds in New Jersey are still living with their parents, according to data from the New York Federal Reserve.

As part of a new report on what they call the "boomerang generation" (i.e. the ones who left home for school but have since returned home), the Fed found that student debt was most strongly correlated with living with mom and dad. The numbers are something of a sober reminder in light of Friday's rosy jobs report.

"The increasing magnitude of student debt among college graduates appears to be driving young people home and keeping them there," they write.

New Jersey is something of a special case, however: It is bound by two of the largest cities in the country: New York City and Philadelphia. So, when a 25-year-old moves out, they are more likely to move out of the state entirely and no longer be counted in the state's overall population of 25-year-olds.


The same is true for Connecticut, New Hampshire (Boston), and Maryland (Washington D.C.), the states rounding out the top four in this category.

So, if you're 25 and living in one of these states and still haven't found a job in a nearby megacity…we feel for ya.

Here's the full list:


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