Two Uber executives reportedly arrested in Paris after violent protests

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The CEO of Uber France and the Europe General Manager of Uber have been arrested by French police, the Agence France Presse is reporting.


The arrests come after last week's violent anti-Uber protests in Paris and other French cities, in which taxi drivers railed against UberPOP, a service that uses drivers without specific taxi licenses.

"Our general managers for France and Western Europe today attended a hearing with the French police," Thomas Meister, Uber spokesperson for Western Europe, told Fusion in a statement.  "We are always happy to answer questions the authorities have about our service — and look forward to resolving these issues.  Those discussions are ongoing.  In the meantime, we’re continuing to ensure the safety of our riders and drivers in France given last week's disturbances."

French authorities told the Guardian the two have been taken into police custody over "illicit activity" in relation to UberPOP.

The news comes also follows the indictment in South Korea of Uber CEO and Co-founder Travis Kalanick and other members of the local Uber team in South Korea, Reuters reports, for operating without the correct licenses.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.