Two white students were just expelled from a Christian college for an outrageously racist Snapchat video

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Why oh why is this a thing?

We're gathered here again for the latest college campus scandal stemming from white kids feeling like it's a good idea to paint their faces black and then say racist things about black people.

In a Snapchat video posted on Twitter on Monday, a white student at Abilene Christian University, a religious school of about 4,500 in West Texas, wore black makeup smeared all over her face and mockingly told the camera, "I'm a strong black woman."

The student then donned oversized fake red lips and others could be heard laughing at the stunt in the background. The Snapchat caption read: "This is why black lives matter exists."


Students responded to the video on Twitter with remarks like, "I need to transfer ASAP, white people getting too bold" and urged the original poster not to take it down so it could be viewed widely.

After the video started circulating on campus, ACU President Phil Schubert said in a vague statement that the students involved in the video "are no longer students at ACU." The Star-Telegram reported that two students were expelled for their involvement.

"I cannot emphasize strongly enough that this kind of hurtful behavior has no place on our campus or on behalf of ACU," Schubert said in the statement. "This has offended me and I am deeply sorry for how it has offended others, and left an inaccurate representation of who we are and what we believe as a Christian university."


White ACU students: Collect your people.

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