Two women who are not Serena Williams play tennis game

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Two people who are not Serena Williams faced each other in the women's final at the U.S. Open on Saturday.

There was an Italian woman, and then another Italian woman, and they played tennis or something and then one of them won?

Sorry, it's just hard to get that excited after the greatest women's tennis player of all time had her dreams horribly crushed and left everyone but a few Italians both emotionally devastated and hopping mad at the evil Canadian who derailed her march to victory. Don't take our word for it: the cost of tickets for the finals plummeted the second Williams was out of the running.


But if you must know, here's who was involved in the match.

First we had Roberta Vinci, who beat Williams on Thursday and robbed the world of a glorious moment, but then charmed lots of people with her post-game interview.

She played Flavia Pennetta, who pulled off a big upset of her own when she beat the no. 2-seeded Simona Halep.


It was definitely a game of tennis. Oh, and Pennetta won.