Ty Cobb Saw a Band Called Copstabber and Thought It Fucking Ruled

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Here’s a weird story, courtesy of the Washington Post.

Here’s one way to relieve the stress of defending the president from that pesky Russia investigation: Former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb was spotted pumping his fists to the musical stylings of a punk band called Copstabber at punk/metal venue Slash Run in Petworth on Saturday night.

Sometime during the band’s set, a group of a dozen or so folks wandered in wearing far more formal dress than the rest of the clientele, according to D.C. photographer Chris Suspect, who was attending the show. Suspect and some other patrons immediately identified the ex-Trump lawyer by his distinctive silvery-white tresses and turned-up mustache, Suspect said, but Suspect asked a member of the party whether Cobb was, in fact, who they thought. “I still thought he might be pulling my leg, so I Googled it to be sure,” he said. Apparently, Suspect was told, they had all attended a wedding nearby and had decided to keep the good times rolling.

According to Suspect, Cobb was “definitely rocking out,” especially to a song called “I Like Cocaine.” (Gonna guess Cobb probably isn’t a fan of D.C. hardcore band Coke Bust, then.)


“I threw beer on him, called him ‘whiskers,’ got a high five from him,” Copstabber singer “Copstabber Dave” Dave Poole wrote in a comment on Suspect’s Facebook. “I just thought he was an old wildman but it turns out he is a RICH old wildman!”

There’s no word on what Cobb’s favorite Ian MacKaye band is yet, but he was last seen carving ‘Skate or die’ into his desk and complaining that shows don’t cost $5 anymore.