Tyler Posey did not just come out as gay on Snapchat, according to rep

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Earlier today, Tyler Posey posted a video on Snapchat in which he proudly proclaims, "I'm gay!" Well, after speaking with reps for the star of MTV's Teen Wolf, it looks like Tyler just meant that he's "gay" as in happy! And I'm queer as in brb drinking bleach.


The Snapchat video in question, added on Friday, finds the 24-year-old actor approaching the intersection of Gay Street and Christopher Street in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood, about a block and a half from the Stonewall Inn. "This is me," Posey says as the camera zooms in on the green sign for Gay Street. "I am this, and this is me. I've never felt more alive!" he says as the camera switches over to selfie mode. "I'm gay!"


So, is Tyler Posey gay? Confusion spread from Teen Wolf fandom Twitter to Gay Twitter, the former ready to defend their idol and the latter ready and raring to call a queer-baiter out.

The likelihood that the teen-popular star, who got his start playing J.Lo's son in Maid in Manhattan, had just publicly come out as gay began to wane as a second Snapchat video was discovered in which Posey pulls the same "it me" act on an extendable wall lamp, ending the clip by enthusiastically declaring, "I'm lamp!"

I reached out to reps for the actor to get to the bottom of this DRAMA. A person from MTV's Communications department, who handles press for Teen Wolf, told me over email that she believes Tyler's alleged coming out as "gay" was "meant in the context of 'I'm happy,' not as a coming out." I also reached out to the actor's rep at Main Stage Public Relations but have received no confirmation one way or the other. I will update this article if I hear back.

So, it looks like Tyler Posey's not gay! He's just happy! Unlike the thousands—PERHAPS BILLIONS!!!!—of young queer kids who are struggling to come out of the closet at this very moment. Happy Friday, everyone!


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