Type of People Who Move to Brand New High Rise Brooklyn Condos Upset About Brooklyn High Rise Condo Construction

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Brooklyn is big. Seventy square miles. Ample room for the more than 2.6 million people live here. Some of those people pay a high premium to live in recently constructed high rise towers. And then—and then—try to guess what they do.


If you have not been to Downtown Brooklyn recently, imagine an area that resembles the blandest part of Manhattan, chock full of huge apartment towers that were all built twenty minutes ago, surrounded by plots of land featuring more half-built condo towers currently under construction, and also there’s a Target. These newly built plastic apartments rent for huge premiums to apartments in other parts of Brooklyn. People pay, like, $3k a month for a tiny studio with a window facing the Apple Store and a large crane building a more expensive condo tower across the street. You get the drift.


Now let’s turn to the New York Daily News.

Even recent transplants who scooped up rentals in buildings that shot up within the past few years are finding the Manhattan views that lured them in are now cut off by newer, taller towers.

“There’s a big chunk of Manhattan that we’re not able to see anymore,” complained Christian Corona, who moved to Brooklyn from Texas with his girlfriend, Nicole Collins, three years ago.

lmao, yeah right genius, you sound like a real data analyst my man

“More buildings mean more people, so things are a little bit more crowded,” said Corona, who works in data analytics. The couple once looked forward to leaving their scaffolding-surrounded Manhattan jobs to escape to a somewhat “slowed down” environment, “but now that pattern of development and one high-rise building going up after another” has spread to Brooklyn, Corona adds.


The neighborhood you’re looking for is Mill Basin.

Brooklyn... Brooklyn.... stand up... everybody... all together now.... let me hear you scream....



Damn. Feels good. Christian Corona, don’t let this cruel city run you out before you too feel completely secure telling newcomers to fuck off!

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