U.S. Embassy Issues Ludicrous Warning to Americans In UK Ahead of Trump's Visit

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The U.S. Embassy in London urged Americans Tuesday to “keep a low profile” during Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to the United Kingdom.


The alert asks for Americans in the UK to “be aware of your surroundings,” and “exercise caution” when in the vicinity of large gatherings that may become violent.


The request comes as more than 50,000 people are expected to protest Trump’s first visit to the UK since taking office. The demonstrations are to take place between July 12 and 14.

Some of the items on the protesters’ agenda: blasting a soundtrack of children crying in detention centers and floating an angry “Trump Baby” balloon near parliament. (The balloon act was approved by London city officials.)

The balloon depicts Trump as an infant with noticeably small hands and a very bad tan. To top it off, the Trump Baby is gripping a black iPhone in one hand.


Demonstrations are planned to in several other locations across the country, including at an ambassador’s residence that Trump is staying at and a Scottish golf course he owns.


Not all Americans will take heed of the warning, though. Hundreds of American citizens in London have pledged to attend protests.

The only person who should really be keeping a low profile is Trump himself, and he’s basically avoiding London completely to do just that.

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