Unaccompanied Emojis Overwhelm Country

This image was removed due to legal reasons.


Stock footage company Dissolve has released a video that takes a humorous look at the other “immigration issue” — the massive arrival of emojis in our country.

“As with any widespread influx of characters in our ecosystem, their arrival has also presented some challenges,” says the narrator of the video posted to Vimeo earlier this week.

While the video never mentions the country that’s being overwhelmed by foreign emojis, many of the scenes appear to be filmed in the United States, including iconic small-town images and the recognizable skylines of San Francisco and New York.

The video is a clever satire of the current immigration debate in the United States, which has become particularly heated in the past month due to increased media coverage of unaccompanied children arriving from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

The parody was inspired by the work of Sir David Attenborough, an English broadcaster best known for his series on BBC’s Natural History Unit.