Unequal Rights: Abortions and guns in America


Abortions and guns are two of the most polarizing topics in this country. But they’re both rights protected by our government - one written into our Constitution, the other decided by our country’s highest court. But how accessible are these rights?

The Supreme Court will soon be making a decision on abortion access, which some have called the most significant ruling in the last two decades. The question at hand in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt: does a Texas law place an “undue burden” on a women’s right to abortion? If the Texas law is upheld, millions of women around the country may lose access to this legal procedure.

This is a new kind of interactive documentary that lets you control what you watch next. Throughout the video, you’ll have the chance to switch between the gun and abortion stories. Skip forward, go back, switch stories — you control this video.


Abortion regulations vary state by state. Some of the abortion simulation scenes in the video were done at a Planned Parenthood in Kansas because the clinics in Missouri are in the middle of a legal battle. Although filmed in Kansas, these scenes depict what it’s like to seek an abortion in Missouri.


Correspondent: Anna Sterling

Producers: Rachel Schallom and Anna Sterling

Creative Producer and Editor: Olman Hernandez

Photography: Olman Hernandez and Pedro Alvarez

Creative Director: Adrian Saravia

Graphics: Kent Hernandez and Erendira Mancias

Animation: Pedro Alvarez and Olman Hernandez

Interactive Development: Rachel Schallom

Supervising Producer: Diana Oliva Cave

Rachel is the senior manager for interactives for Fusion. She is a University of Missouri graduate and originally from St. Louis.

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