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You may already know about Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide and chief mudslinger. He’s best known for being a maniacal Clinton devotee, who once copped to going off his meds in an effort to embody Donald Trump during the campaign’s 2016 debate prep.


Reines also has a notorious reputation for his irascibility, especially among those unlucky enough to get on his bad side. In her recent book about the Clinton campaign, New York Times reporter Amy Chozick told an anecdote about an unnamed male Clinton aide who made a crude joke about having sex with her. (It wasn’t hard to connect the comment to Reines.)

So it shouldn’t come as much of surprise that he seemed to unravel even more on Wednesday, when Reines tweeted this bizarre comment at Donald Trump Jr., taunting him for his divorce from his wife, Vanessa:


This manages to pull off the double whammy of racism and misogyny while employing a weirdly outdated stereotype about Latino men as sex objects. As any reader of knows, we’re hardly fans of Donald Trump Jr. here, but a Twitter war between Reines and Don Jr. presents a real root-for-the-asteroid situation.

Chelsea Clinton, to her credit, condemned Reines’ tweet when prompted by one of her followers:

While Clinton’s tweet is commendable, it’s worth questioning why her mother kept Reines in her powerful orbit for decades. When offending a female political reporter isn’t rebuked but offending Donald Trump Jr. is, it seems to reveal something of a double standard, and speaks to a larger issue within the Clintons’ universe.

If the Clintons had been less tolerant of Reines’ boorishness—and that of other longtime allies—years ago, we could be living in a very different world.

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