Unhinged Trump supporter bursts in on Christmas Mass to rant about 'Pizzagate'

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Despite the near-tragedy of a gunman strolling into a Washington D.C. pizzeria with an assault rifle and absolutely no evidence, the conspiracy theory known as Pizzagate just refuses to die.

A Philadelphia man–who's also an infamous Donald Trump supporter–uploaded a video Wednesday evening that he filmed while bursting in on Christmas Mass at The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul to scream at the congregation about Hillary Clinton's nonexistent child sex slavery ring.

"Pizzagate is real! Pizzagate is real! The Catholic church has been sexually abusing children. Thousands of them for decades," the man filming the video shouts as rows and rows of congregants at the Catholic church turned around in shocked horror. A security guard promptly responded by removing him from the church.


As a warning, there's some strong language in this video. A more critical warning would be that this may be the most painfully awkward thing you watch in your life.

My #xmas gift to #pizzagate community. #MidnightMass @CathedralPhila St Peter & Paul #Philly #PizzaGateisReal #Pedofiles #fakenews #monday pic.twitter.com/uya3q8JL6Q

— FullyAwake12/4/16 (@Deplorable4L) December 26, 2016

The Philly Voice identified the man behind the Twitter account as Howard Caplan, who was previously known in the Philadelphia area for the giant "Hillary for Prison" sign he would bring to local Clinton campaign events. The Voice had previously interviewed Caplan in late November, shortly after Trump's victory.

“I don’t know what you’re allowed to write, but have you heard about Pizzagate?" Caplan asked the Voice reporter, which is an ominous start to any conversation.

He later told the New York Post that he interrupted the Sunday service as a "Christmas gift to the people at the church."


Well, congratulations. You did it. You managed to terrify and anger a lot of Catholics, who are statistically more likely to be Trump voters. That was the goal here, right? Or was it to prove a conspiracy theory that Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta, are operating a child sex ring out of a Washington D.C. pizza parlor/ping pongery? I'm sorry, I seem to have lost track.