Unionize Breitbart

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A disturbing Business Insider report yesterday said that writers at Breitbart have been asked by managers to “refrain from writing stories critical of Jared Kushner,” presumably for political reasons. If only there were an institution of some sort that could protect the site’s editorial integrity...

The journalistic threats Breitbart writers face now are obvious. Launched a decade ago as a fiery passion project by now-deceased right-wing angry guy Andrew Breitbart, the site today finds itself successful, well-positioned for access to our current President, and beset by powerful political conflicts of interest: Not only is former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon a top White House adviser (and prone, supposedly, to using the site to punish his handpicked enemies), but it is also owned in part by the Mercer family, the Republican superdonors credited with making Donald Trump’s election possible in the first place. For the regular Breitbart writers, who simply want the freedom to say who is and is not a left-wing cuck as they see it, these are perilous times. Are they facing a future as a quasi-White House press office, unable to freely report on the globalists standing in the way of America WINNING? And with all this sudden success in the Trump era, will the people who create the actual work that has made Breitbart successful—the ones doing the hard day-to-day reporting on which Breitbart reporters Donald Trump has singled out for praise —receive their fair share of the profits?

It is a knotty issue indeed. What these Breitbart writers need is some sort of... I don’t know... organization, that would enable them to join together to exert their influence in the workplace—they might even, for example, induce their owners to sign a legal contract that might do things like guarantee their editorial independence, and ensure that they are paid fairly and receive regular wage increases, insulating them from the buffeting political winds swirling around them. Does there exist a model for an organization so described? Or would such a thing be too... socialist?


As we all know, a growing wave of leftist blog writers resorting to unionization threatens these [media] companies’ survival. Then again, unions are an important part of Donald Trump’s populist revolution. Perhaps it would be okay for Breitbart to join the wave of media unionization, if only to ensure that leftists are not the only ones allowed to freely exercise their editorial judgment in this day and age. The very spirit of the First Amendment dictates that in this country, we do not limit editorial freedom to those who are right; it is a value equally cherished by those who are wrong.

If you guys want to unionize, then we, your leftist cuck worker allies, will be happy to put you in touch with an organizer. If it will make you feel better, you can even negotiate to lower your own wages, in order to help bolster Robert Mercer’s enormous fortune. This really all comes down to personal freedom.