United CEO Says Upon Reflection, the Horrifying Assault That Occurred on His Plane Made Him Feel Bad

United Airlines CEO Oscar Muñoz felt “shame” and “embarrassment” when he saw the viral video this week of a bloodied United passenger being dragged off a flight.


“This will never happen again,” Muñoz said in a Wednesday interview on Good Morning America. “It was a system failure.”

The CEO also said his initial tone-deaf statement about the incident–an apology for “having to re-accommodate” customers– “fell short of truly expressing the shame” he was feeling.


The passenger, Dr. David Dao, was randomly selected to give up his seat on the Sunday evening flight from Chicago to Louisville after attempts to pay off passengers to forfeit their seats to waiting United employees failed. As it turns out, the flight wasn’t even overbooked.

According to a statement from his attorneys, Dao remains in Chicago undergoing treatment for his injuries from the ordeal at a local hospital.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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