University of Nottingham Bro Smashes Head Through Table for £20

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

In today's edition of "things you learned after you graduated from college," young people are dumb and terrifying and do reckless things when they're drunk. Enter a vertically-shot video courtesy of a group of students from the University of Nottingham.


In the clip, one young gentleman, Luggy Jeffery, is challenged to smash his head through a table for £20. He accepts, naturally.


What’s really astounding is that despite the refined lads’ education, they somehow managed to film this video vertically, making it difficult to see the full scene and scope of damage to said table. I mean, seriously, people. Come on!

The best part however is that the apparent owner of the table demanded that he be paid for his destroyed property. Jeffery told The Tab, “Unfortunately it wasn’t until the next day that my housemates kind of wanted a new table which ended up costing £15. £5 for smashing my head through a table… not worth it.”

Yup, young people are terrifying. Ban young people.

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