Upstate NY Sheriff’s Office Seeks Help Identifying Distributors of KKK Kitty Litter Flyers

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The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in upstate NY is asking the public for help in identifying suspects who are littering local neighborhoods with flyers for an upcoming KKK rally in Charlottesville, VA, in July.


The flyers distributed around Fulton County are placed in plastic bags full of cat litter and refer to the KKK as “The Kool Kids Klub.” They also contain a Bible passage from the book of Proverbs stating, “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”

The sheriff’s office posted the following statement on Facebook:

Please be aware that there are individuals going around representing themselves as members of the KKK. Recent activity has them in Northville over night where they are leaving small bags containing informational pamphlets and kitty litter. This is NOT harmful and can be thrown out. If anyone has any information or camera footage with possible suspects/vehicle information please contact the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office at 518-736-2100. Thank you for your assistance.


As noted, there has been an uptick in Klan activity in upstate NY this year. In February, WNYT reported that Fort Plain residents found KKK flyers in a parking lot next to the local post office.

“At a time when Fort Plain is blanketed in white snow, there’s also an effort to blanket the community with white supremacy,” WNYT stated in its report.

The group behind the February flyers, which urged people to “Love your own race” and “Stop homosexuality and race mixing,” is called the Loyal White Knights KKK.

The news station called a number listed on the flyers and reached “KKK Grand Dragon” Will Quigg, who resides in California. Quigg told reporters the racist and homophobic propaganda was part of a “nationwide recruitment drive” coinciding with Valentine’s Day.


Because nothing says love better than hate.

The sheriff’s office is considering citing the perpetrators for littering if they’re caught.

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