Utah lawmakers are considering a bill that would declare pornography a public health crisis in the state and nation, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

State Sen. Todd Weiler, a Republican, recently introduced a resolution that would recognize a range of “societal harms” from the pornography “epidemic.” He told the Monitor that  ultimately he “would like to see the U.S. work toward an internet that is porn free unless you opt into it.”


“I’m hoping this will start educating people that pornography is actually addictive, that it’s harmful to families and relationships,” he told the Monitor.

The Monitor says Weiler’s proposed resolution in Utah is based on an idea put forward by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (formerly Morality in Media), one of whose websites,, lists studies that purport to show the ways in which pornography can be detrimental to one's health. Weiler says lawmakers in at least 10 other states are considering similar measures.

"Apparently this is a joking topic all around the world, but this is a serious issue," Weiler told the Salt Lake City Tribune.


Perhaps not coincidentally, as recently as 2009, Utah was ranked No. 1 for online porn consumption.

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